The Highest Quality Move at a Fair Price

The highest quality move at a fair price.


old noyes moving truck

Earle W. Noyes Sr. uses his second-hand REO Speed Wagon and $5 in working capital to begin hauling trunks from Portland’s Union Station to homes and summer cottages in southern Maine


Earle W. Noyes & Sons becomes a stockholding member and agent of United Van Lines.


Earle’s son Lester joins the business.



The company builds a 50,000 sf. warehouse and office complex on the corner of Portland’s Franklin and Oxford Streets.



Lester’s son, Peter, joins the company.




Peter becomes president of Earle W. Noyes & Sons. Lester becomes Noyes’s chairman and a board member of United Van Lines.


Noyes opens a 200,000 sf. heated self-storage facility in Portland.


old united van line moving truck


United Van Lines becomes the moving industry’s revenue leader.



Noyes doubles the size of its storage facility, adding 50,000sf.


Peter’s son, William, joins the company.



Earle W. Noyes & Sons is voted Greater Portland’s Best Moving & Storage Company for the sixth year running by Market Surveys of America.
William becomes Operations Manager of Earle W. Noyes & Sons and Noyes Self Storage.


Maine Family Business Award winners

Noyes receives the Family Business of the Year Award in the large-business category presented by the Institute for Family-Owned Businesses.
Noyes receives the coveted President’s Quality Award from United Van Lines.



Peter Noyes elected to the UniGroup Board of Directors.  UniGroup is the parent company of United Van Lines.
Will Noyes appointed to the Digital Media focus group by Unigroup.


John Black


John Backman joins the Noyes Team as Vice President of Commercial Services