Noyes Moving Tax Benefit Blog

Each year, over 40 million people move for a variety of reasons. Some people move for a new job, others move to be closer to family. Regardless of why you move to a new location, come tax time, you could be eligible to deduct your moving expenses if you meet these two simple requirements.

 The 50-mile Rule: The location of your new job must be a minimum of 50 miles farther from your previous house or apartment than your last office was. So, if you lived 5 miles from your old office, your new office must be a minimum 55 miles from your old home in order to deduct costs accrued from moving.

The Time Rule: You are required to work as a full-time employee in your new location for a minimum of 39 weeks during the first 12 months following your move. Don’t worry if you have multiple employers during this time, it still counts.

The Exceptions: You may qualify for an exception to either of these rules if you lose your job, or in other case-by-case situations. Also, if you are in the Armed forces, you do not need to meet either of the rules if you moved due to a permanent station change.

Now that you know if you are eligible for tax deductions, here is a list of the things you can deduct. 

Remember, you don’t have to itemize these deductions, because moving expenses are an adjustment to your income.

Deductible Expenses
  • Professional moving services (Like Earle W. Noyes & Sons)
  • Move insurance
  • Miles traveled in your car while moving
  • Moving truck or storage container
  • Packing/moving supplies
  • 30 days of storage after your move
  • Travel expenses to your new location (one trip for each member of your family)
  • Any costs to disconnect or connect utilities due to your move
Click here for more information and a complete list of eligible moving deduction from the IRS.

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Source: IRS